What is Considered to be Proper Business Attire

It is extremely important for an individual, especially a young person, to know and understand why it is important to know how to dress appropriately for business occasions. The phrase “dress to impress” should always be in one’s head when deciding what to wear to a job interview, business meeting, etc. Here are a few tips for both men and women for what to wear in preparation to be in a business environment:


For Men

  1. 1.      It is imperative for a man to be clean shaven when walking into a business environment. If a man walks into a meeting or the office with an unshaven face, it shows that the peson is lazy and is unprofessional.
  2. 2.      This is not a mandatory thing to do, but wearing cologne would most definitely be a way to impress the people in the business meeting, office, etc. Wearing cologne shows that one cares about the way that one smells and it makes the person seem more professional.
  3. 3.      What a person wears, as far as clothing is concerned, depends on the seriousness of the business meeting. Some meetings may require a man to wear dress slacks, a button down shirt, dress shoes, and dress socks. In a corporate setting, a man should wear nice, ironed suite, a buttoned down shirt and tie, and with dress shoes and socks.
  4. 4.      It is very important to act confident when being in a business environment. When confident, it makes the person seem like they know what they’re doing and talking about when giving a presentation or engaging in a debate.

For Women

  1. 1.      Business attire for women should be conservative, fitting and feminine. Pants are acceptable business attire for women now, though skirts were once the only acceptable form of leg clothing allowed for women in a corporate environment.
  2. 2.      Choose a blouse that isn’t too tight or too baggy. The same rule applies for ones slacks or skirt. Dress slacks and a button-down jacket with a button-up shirt underneath would be appropriate.


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